10 Best Ads from Superbowl LIV 2020

I guess it’s safe to say we haven’t been wowed with the halftime shows and commercials of Superbowl in the past few years. And I know I’m not alone in saying, this year’s Superbowl LIV 2020 stuff were fantastic! Hats off to the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers for giving us a very exciting game. Congratulations to the Chiefs for winning the championship!

If you missed Superbowl LIV 2020, you definitely missed out on one hell of a game! But we’re all lucky enough to live in the age of the internet where we can watch re-runs. Aside from the game, we can also catch all the fantastic commercials several brands came up with this year! Kudos to all of them! Overall, the commercials were WAAAAAAAY better than the last few years. But here are our 10 favorite ads.

Rocket Mortgage ft. Jason Momoa (My favorite)

Bud Light - #PostyStore Inside Post’s Brain (feat. Post Malone)

#PostyBar (feat. Post Malone)

Reese’s Take 5

Hyundai – Smaht Pahk feat. Chris Evans, Rachel Dratch, John Krasinski & David Ortiz (This was aired prior to Superbowl LIV though)

MTN Dew - As Good As The Original ft. Bryan Cranston & Tracee Ellis Ross

Little Caesar's - Best Thing Since Sliced Bread ft. Rainn Wilson

Cheetos - Where It All Began ft. MC Hammer

SodaStream – Discovers Water On Mars

Google – Loretta (This just hits you in the spot)

Check out some runners-up

Hyundai – Dialect Coach feat. Rachel Dratch & David Ortiz

Pringles - Rick and Morty

Snickers - Luis Guzman Fixes The World

Kia Tough Never Quits

Microsoft - Be The One ft. Katie Sowers

And of course, here’s the phenomenal halftime show from Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. 43 and 50 years old respectively. Yes, I know, WOW!!

I can’t wait for the Raiders to come to Vegas and play in the Superbowl!

Kent Golangco

Kent Golangco was born and raised in the Philippines. He moved to Las Vegas in 2016. Graduated from DLS-College of Saint Benilde in Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration majoring in Marketing Management. Kent has never limited himself by taking up different types of jobs - from banking to operations to compliance and teaching. Believe it or not, he was also into modeling, hosting and a radio personality. He absolutely loves basketball and once in his life, dreamed of being a professional basketball player.