Italian Street Food and Beer Festival at Eataly

By: Cherlyn Golangco

When in Las Vegas and looking for a wide variety of Italian food and alcohol selection, head over to Eataly Las Vegas located in The Park MGM.

Eataly Las Vegas is an Italian marketplace that has restaurants, bars and groceries. This past Sunday, February 16th, 2020, they held an event inside called the Italian Street Food And Beer Festival which included 7+ stations with different selections of Italian food, beer and even some wine and cider!

When I first arrived, I was handed a map of where each stand was located inside the venue. Each table had a unique selection of Italian food from some of the restaurants located inside Eataly Las Vegas.

Our first stop had 2 different choices of beers, called Nora and Isaac. Now I don't usually like beer, but this beer tasted almost fruity to me and was definitely something I didn't expect to like. This being our first stop, I was even more excited to go and try the rest.

We wandered around some more and tried some different ciders, my favorite was the berry rose cider, this was very tasty and reminded me of a sparkling juice with a hint of alcohol. After that, we got to try some red and white wine. Both of which were very delectable and complimented most of the food selections they had to offer. The red wine paired very well with the Polpette, which was a homemade meatball with parsley and topped with some Pecorino Romano DOP.

* DOP – Stands for “Denominazione di Origine Protetta”. Which means Protected Designation of Origin. DOP guarantees that the milk of the cheese and production are on a certain location in Italy. A cheese awarded the DOP is most special.

Another stop that I thoroughly enjoyed was Pizza Alla Pala. It included 2 choices of pizzas. One was called Quatro Formaggi. It had provolone, picante, gorgonzola dolce, parmigiano reggiano DOP and homemade mozzarella. The second was called Salsiccia. This one had sweet Italian sausage, tomato, peppers, onions, garlic crushed red peppers and parsley.

Arancini, Arborio rice with ragu alla bolognese. These were like risotto bites.

Arrosticini, a heritage pork skewer with porcini and black pepper rub.

Chiacchiere, a carnival Italian sweet fried pastry.

Overall, the experience was unique and amazing. Food wise, I think we had an abundant variety of selections. The fact that you were able to have unlimited tries of all the food and drinks was astounding! It was something different to do on the Las Vegas strip other than the typical club scene. I highly recommend events like these to anyone looking to do something different When In Las Vegas especially if you’re trying to get a good bite along with a good buzz. Make sure to check out their events page to see what fun events they have in the future. Regardless if they have events going on or not, swing by anyway to for the unique dining experience Eataly Las Vegas has to offer.

Eataly Las Vegas

3770 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 (Inside The Park MGM)

(702) 730-7617

Daily 8 am – 11 pm


IG: @EatalyLasVegas

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