The Launch of Smith's Marketplace

For as long as I can remember, my parents have always shopped at Smith’s. It’s just something we did every week when it came time to buy groceries. Funny thing is, years later, my wife and I shop at Smith's with our kids too. I guess it was something passed on to me by my folks.

Smith's has 38 locations in Nevada alone. With the addition of Smith's Marketplace, it puts the number up to 39!

The company upgraded your grocery shopping experience with them by opening Smith's Marketplace. The 125,000 sq ft giant is packed with multiple sections for food, home décor, wardrobe and so much more.

They also included their own dining area where you enjoy enjoy mouthwatering chicken tenders from Chicken Co, packaged meals from Cousins Main Lobster, delicious sweets from RubySnap cookies, coffee with pastries from Starbucks, an incredible self-service salad bar with many options to choose from, Murrays gourmet cheese and the rest you'll have to see for yourself. But here's a sneak peak lol

Yes, you're seeing sushi! Freshly delivered everyday.

Here's another tip, you MUST try their donuts!!

This is the first time we see Smith's offer a full line of household items, a large selection of clothes, and a variety of home décor plus outside patio furniture in Las Vegas.

What a time to be alive… Smith's has listened to our generation and realized grocery shopping with a bar is the perfect combination for the ultimate grocery shopping experience. I can know pick up produce for my wife and enjoy a cold one while doing it. You have to be 21 and up of course. Sorry kids! Lol

Bar is open 12pm - 8pm

The future of the Smith’s brand is looking extremely bright and hopefully we see more Smith's Marketplaces at more locations in the city. By creating 300 new jobs for the county you can be sure their commitment to excellence and the community will not fall short. They welcome all who enter those doors with a warm and welcoming smile and are ready to assist when needed. Congratulations to Smith's and their new team!

Smith's Marketplace

9710 W. Skye Canyon Park Drive

(702) 358-0427

OPEN: Everyday 6:00AM – 12:00AM

Cesar Renteria

Cesar was born and raised in Las Vegas. He is part of the first generation from his family, who originated from Guatemala and Mexico, to be born in the US. His career background started in the automotive industry. A few years later, transitioned to customer service and hotel operations. He is definitely an outgoing, dorky type of guy that never stops laughing or smiling and absolutely loves discovering new things and places. You will often catch Cesar anywhere that serves good food and good vibes. Being a husband and a full time dad, he loves collecting Pokemon cards with his little girl. If you ever see him out and about, stop by and say hi. He loves meeting new people!