Man Kicked Out Of Smith’s Over Availability Of Supply

A video posted by Derrick Long last April 6, 2020 is making its rounds online. In the video, a man who identified himself as Marcus Jermaine Mason, 47 years old and a retired principal of a school in the Clark County District, is seen yelling at what looks to be employees of Smith’s over availability of supply at their North Las Vegas locations. It was later determined this incident happened at a Smith’s in Henderson.

Mr. Mason who is clearly agitated and upset asked in the beginning of the video, “How do you have more stuff here than half of North Las Vegas?”. He also stated that they (Smith’s) “need to get their a**es over to North Las Vegas and start feeding us”. To which a male employee responds, “No, we’re not.”.

Due to recent circumstances involving Covid-19 and the multiple business closures, a lot of our grocery stores have limited supply of food and other essentials. People will walk into stores with empty shelves. And although they do replenish their supply, it comes in waves and not all items are restocked at a given time. I’m sure everyone in the valley has experienced the frustration and disappointment of walking into the store only to find that the item/s you need are not available.

You can also hear a voice of a woman describing Mr. Mason to the authorities over the phone. Per witness statement, he was not arrested.

We have reached out to Smith’s and are waiting for a response.

Did @Smith's Food and Drug Stores handle the situation the right way? Was Mr. Mason's on the right? What do you think?...

Posted by When In Las Vegas on Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Kent Golangco

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