Secrid Card Wallet: What Can Your Wallet Do?

In this day and age, especially in countries like the United States, the usage of cash as a means of payment is not the most popular option anymore. More and more individuals are using credit or debit cards for their day-to-day transactions. There are several advantages for using cards. It’s easier to carry, it won’t bulk up your wallet too much (as compared to large amounts of cash), transactions go faster, you can easily monitor your spending and should you lose it, you can easily deactivate and get another card. Not to say there aren’t any cons to this method, but its pros outweigh its cons, in my opinion.

Now carrying these cards is another issue. I’ve gone through several wallets trying to look for the best features based on my preferences. If you’re like me and prefer wallets that are slim but bulky enough so you know it’s still in your pocket and can hold sufficient amount of cards with ease plus some cash, then you’ll definitely love Secrid’s Twin Card Wallet from Holland.

The feature I love most about this is how the cards pop out with just a click. No more having to squeeze your fingers in those tight card pockets and struggle to pull the right card out. Each casing can hold 5 cards comfortably. Depending on the thickness of your cards, can fit 6 cards each. Not really recommended as it would make the sliding out of the cards not smooth. The cases are carefully designed that the cards won’t scratch against each other. They also won’t be bent or damaged as they would be protected by the casing made from aluminum.

The MOST important feature of this Secrid’s wallet is it also protects your cards with RFID chips frombeing copied or stolen by hackers.

Each card pocket on the inside of the jacket can fit 1-3 cards. Again, depending on the thickness of the cards.

Total that it can fit would be a max. of 16 cards and a few banknotes (depending on the thickness of your cards).

Price tag for these wallets run between $40-$160. Not too bad for the attributes it provides.

Here’s a rundown of its features:

  • 24mm Slim
  • Genuine leather jacket
  • RFID Protection
  • Bending, Squishing and Scratching Protection
  • Approx. 120g in Weight
  • Easy Slide In and Out
  • Holds Enough Banknotes

Special thanks to Urban Traveller Co. in the Philippines. Without them, I would have never known and discovered this amazing wallet!

You can check out their items if ever you visit Manila @urbantravellerco.

Here in the US though, you can check out all of Secrid’s different card wallets on their website. Aside from the twin card wallet, they do come in other sizes and designs.

Kent Golangco

Kent Golangco was born and raised in the Philippines. He moved to Las Vegas in 2016. Graduated from DLS-College of Saint Benilde in Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration majoring in Marketing Management. Kent has never limited himself by taking up different types of jobs - from banking to operations to compliance and teaching. Believe it or not, he was also into modeling, hosting and a radio personality. He absolutely loves basketball and once in his life, dreamed of being a professional basketball player.