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There are hundreds of reasons specialists would say why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. From being a crucial factor that influences your performance, both mentally and physically, throughout the day, to it being good for your metabolism. However, you'll also read about the other hundred reasons arguing against this statement. Whatever you believe in, starting your day with Waffles Cafe just because it's so good and healthy, is enough reason for me.

They have several pre-set options to choose from or you can also create your own waffle combination that will suit your preference. Being my first time there, I was overwhelmed by the number of choices available which all looked so delicious. I was lucky enough to be guided by the owner herself, Kimberly (who's super nice by the way), and helped me select the right waffle for me.

Build Your Waffle $7.95
(Original Batter $3.95,Blueberry $1, Strawberry $1, Kiwi $1, Banana $1)

I immediately went for creating my own waffle as I love having different fruits with it. They let you choose your batter, toppings and sides (optional).

Chicken and Waffles $8.95
(with Whipped Strawberry Butter and Blazing Sauce)

Being a breakfast and brunch place, I decided to give the waffles and chicken tenders (or wings) a try. The combination was a perfect match. The chicken was very tasty and the blazing sauce was complimentary to its flavor. Not too spicy as well, just the way I like it. The Whipped Strawberry Butter was absolutely delicious as well!

Avocado and Pistachio Smoothie (medium) $3.99

No time to eat? Don't worry as you can have one of their smoothies that are made with fresh fruits. You also have the option of adding a healthy shot of protein, wheat grass, fiber, etc. for just a dollar.

Do note that depending on the volume of customers at the time you arrive, there may be a little wait as they make sure all orders are served fresh. It was unfortunate for me that there was a sudden rush of people when I got there. It's definitely worth the wait though!

Waffles Cafe

6885 Aliante Parkway, Suite 103, North Las Vegas, NV, 89084

(702) 655-7878



OPEN: Mon-Fri 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sat-Sun 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Kent Golangco

Kent Golangco was born and raised in the Philippines. He moved to Las Vegas in 2016. Graduated from DLS-College of Saint Benilde in Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration majoring in Marketing Management. Kent has never limited himself by taking up different types of jobs - from banking to operations to compliance and teaching. Believe it or not, he was also into modeling, hosting and a radio personality. He absolutely loves basketball and once in his life, dreamed of being a professional basketball player.