US Solar Eclipse 2017

Out of all the summer days we could have a cloudy day in Las Vegas, it had to be on the morning of Aug. 21, 2017. For the first time in 38 years, a total solar eclipse cut across the US. Regardless if it were cloudy or not though, it seemed like we wouldn't have seen the solar eclipse in totality in our city. Thanks to technology though, we were able to able to witness history through live streaming videos.

Photo By: Anthony Souffle/Star Tribune

Before we get to that, for those who aren't too sure of what a solar eclipse is or for those who want to know a little more about it, here's a short video explaining it.

Video Courtesy of TED-Ed

Now for the main act. For those who missed it or would just like to relive the moments, NASA and The Exploratorium broadcasted live feeds of the solar eclipse with their advanced camera lenses and it was spectacular! You could see the flares and the "diamond ring".

NASA's coverage showed the eclipse from the vantage points of Madras, Oregon; Idaho Falls, ID; Beatrice, NE and Jefferson City, MO just to name a few.

Video Courtesy of: NASA

The Exploratorium broadcasted from the vantage point of Casper, WY.

Video Courtesy of: The Exploratorium

Here's the next 5 total eclipses we're expecting and the path of the shadow. According to the forecasts, we can expect the next one that will be visible in the US in 2024. So for those of you that missed it, you have seven years to prepare for the next one.

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If you don't believe all the science behind it then maybe you'll believe The Rock's reasoning behind the solar eclipse.

Video Courtesy of: Dwayne The Rock Johnson

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